10 Underground Female Djs You Should Know: TEMPO BKK THAILAND

Who saw this 10 Dj and wondered why no one was talking to a woman to read the news this several times. Do not ask why no Nina Kraviz, Tini, Magda or whatever, but you can see them in the Festival International is not in the top 10 this decisive because this is Djs women in Scene Underground really means to you. they will never see these big things in the Festival Awakening, Time Warp course.

10 djs today can be considered as 10 people, you should know they have it. Because we believe that the next 1-2 years from now, one must follow in the footsteps of artists certainly older. That's a good thing It represents a development to be recognized on a global scale. But there are some artists like Paula Temple and Miss Soulfly they still hold the stretch. And confidence in their skill Scene, although she is more advanced than many Dj this must be respected, they really are the top 10, there are also many people who are talented and cool as well. Next time I will get together again.

Now we try to watch all 10 Djs before that we have already decided that they are really good that we are not.